Our 53,000 square foot facility contains the foundry and main administrative offices. We have the ability to handle plates up to 44 inches, while our floor capabilities can handle castings up to 12 feet long. It also contains polishing / finishing processes. A variety of casting finish requirements such as abrasive finished and heat-treated are available to our customers.

Our engineering, prototype design and sample preparation work together with our customers to conform to their designs and specifications. Our operation is highly committed to provide quality products and service to our customers..

Production Control

From the moment we accept the Purchase order from our Customers we schedule and control the processing via a software recommended by (AFS SYCHRO 32) which gives us quick and accurate response for our customerís inquires and questions or changes they may have regarding Production.

Melting and Molding Area

Our installed Melting Capacity is based on gas fired Inductotherm Crucible Furnaces electronically controlled, and gas fired Crucibles to melt Brass. The quality and control of the Metal Alloys are strictly supervised with our in house Spectometer. Our molding capacity is governed by the use of 9Squizzer Machines, (including 2 Roto-lift) Floor molding area and Auto Set(with a Redford-Carver Mixer). So that gives us the capacity to handle almost any size pattern of Green sand molding. In Our core-making area we have Dependable 400 FA Shell core Machines and area Station for CO2 Cores.


We have 24 grinding polishing stations, and machinery with capacity to offer different finish treatments, As well as Ceramic vibratory finish, Shot blast finish, Sand Blast finish, Bright/Satin polish.

Heat Treament

If your specifications indicate Heat Treament, for your Aluminum Alloys, we have the experience and capacity to meet your requirements.


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